Winter Car Care Tips

They’re predicting a ton of snow this weekend, and it’s been so cold! Before you rush to the store for your milk, bread, and eggs (we all must make French toast when the weather is bad) — make sure your vehicle is in tip top shape for this brutal weather.

Check Your Lights

It gets dark earlier. Make sure you can see! Check your lights before you go. If you have a bulb out, come see us. It’s a quick and easy fix.


It’s often more difficult for a battery to operate in cold weather than it is for a battery to operate in warm weather. As a result, a battery that’s merely weak during the summer could turn into a dead battery during the winter. Our advice is to have a volt test performed on your battery before winter starts to make sure it’s still in good working order.

Windshield Washer Fluid

It’s important to make sure you’re topped off so you can wash that salt off your windshield. Big trucks passing you on the highway make it hard to see when their slush sprays on your window.


Do the penny test on your tire treads. Put Lincoln’s head upside down in your tire tread. If your treads come up to his head, you’re good to go. Lower than his forehead? You had better come see us for new tires. You don’t want to be sliding around out there.

Survival Kit

Although this isn’t a car care tip as much as a winter preparedness tip, we suggest considering a survival kit for your vehicle if you want to really maximize your vehicle’s readiness for winter. While it might sound ridiculous for some urban drivers, motorists in rural areas might find themselves stuck on a deserted Bowling Green country road with heavy snow falling and few vehicles around for miles, especially during snow emergencies.┬áSelect one that’s stocked with a blanket, a first-aid kit, a knife, a flashlight, jumper cables and a cellphone charger that works in your vehicle’s cigarette lighter. We also suggest keeping a shovel in your vehicle’s trunk and some sort of de-icer spray handy, so you can easily access the engine or trunk in case they’re frozen shut.

Stop into Thayer Ford and see our Service Manager, Pat! He is happy to help you with any and all car care questions.

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