Top Safety Items to Keep in Your Thayer Chevrolet

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The thought of keeping your family safe brings a level of anxiety that every parent can understand. To help ease your
fearful mind, we here at Thayer Chevy, have put together a list of 10 of the most important items to keep inside your Chevrolet in the event of a roadside emergency.


  1. BPA free water bottles full of water. This can serve multiple purposes: A) provide drinking water in an emergency breakdown situation, and B) allow clean water to wash cuts or scrapes in the event of an auto accident.


  1. Emergency “Space” Blanket. Winters can be brutally cold in our area of the country. The last thing you would want is to get stuck in the snow or ice and not have a blanket to keep yourself or your children warm while waiting for help. A space blanket helps keep the body heat insulated for extended periods of time.


  1. Fix-a-Flat. If you were to get a flat tire on a country road, or in an unsafe area on the highway, this will serve as a temporary fix and give you the time needed to drive to a repair shop for full resolution.


  1. Flashlight. With the seasons ever changing dawn comes at different times during the year. An LED flashlight will provide the light needed to help find things in the dark or light a clear and safe area while changing a tire or jump-starting a car.


  1. Road Flares. Road flares will alert other drivers of in a breakdown situation. A couple of these will allow someone to see your vehicle on the side of the road and allow other drivers to know that you are in need of help.




  1. First Aid Kit. A small first aid kit is essential. If there is a medical emergency it can help while you wait for emergency personnel to arrive.


  1. WD-40. Sometimes a small dab of this will help to loosen bolts on a tire.


  1. Heavy Duty Compact Shovel. Many situations could call for this helpful item. Being stuck in the snow or mud can prove difficult to maneuver. A shovel can help alleviate the problem.


  1. Additional Quarts of Oil. A vehicle engine does not operate properly, or at all, without the proper amount of oil. A couple quarts of back up can help you get you to a repair center for help.


  1. A seatbelt cutter/window breaker tool. In a severe accident you may need some extra help to get yourself and your loved ones to safety. This tool has multiple potential life saving functions.


Feel free to print and used this list as a shopping tool to equip your vehicle with safety items to keep your family safe during all seasons of travel.

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