The Great Tire Debate

We often are asked, “Do I need special tires for the winter?”


The solution to the winter or snow tires vs. all season tires question will depend on where you live and the conditions in which you drive in Northwest Ohio.

If you only have a few problems with slick, icy roads all season tires are probably the way to go. Do you live on a country road that is last to be plowed? Consider winter tires. Mounting winter tires isn’t an over-the-top precaution – it’s an essential safety measure that could save your life.


When mounting winter tires for the season, always install a full set. Just changing out the front tires increases the likelihood that the rear tires will skid. Likewise, just putting snow tires on the rear wheels could cause the front tires to lose traction and make it impossible to steer your vehicle.

And remember to re-mount those all season tires when spring rolls around. While winter tires are undeniably superior in extreme winter conditions, they’ll wear down faster on warm, dry pavement.

Regardless of if you choose all season or winter tires, it’s vital you have a good set of tires before winter arrives. Don’t put your family’s safety at risk with worn down tires.

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