The Do’s & Don’ts of Test Driving

Do your homework.

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Learn about all the options. How many miles per gallon does this baby get? What comes standard? How much is the upgrade?

Do inspect the interior.

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Open and close the windows. Turn on the heater and the A/C. Where are the wipers? Move the seats around. Get really comfortable with everything you’ll touch everyday. Find the parking brake.

Do try a range of roads. 

drivingTake it on the city streets, and open her up on the country roads.

Do test the brakes. 

brakesHit them like you mean it!

Don’t rush your test drive.


Every test drive could lead to a potential big financial decision. Don’t skip the test drive! We see people try to skip it all the time. Drive the vehicle for a bit.

Don’t test drive 80 cars.


You’ll start forgetting what you liked or didn’t like, and it makes the decision so much more difficult. Come with a few in mind that you really researched online first, and drive those.

Don’t forget to ask questions. 

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We do this every single day. Sometimes we make the mistake of going over things too fast or skipping something we figured you knew. We want you to feel 100% confident in your choice. So ask us 100 questions. We want to take our time with you.

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