Honda Insight: Intelligently Efficient

The Insight name is back in the Honda lineup for the 2019 model year. With a sleek style and spacious interior design, the all new Honda Insight delivers in every way. We can’t wait to get ours in-stock in the next week!

The all new Insight is clocking in at 51mpg highway and 45mpg city, but it’s no wimp. This hybrid beast has all the torque you could ask for!

2019 Honda Insight

On the aesthetic front, Honda built the new Insight more as a normal, driver-centric car. There is plenty of clever tech going on, including the digital gauge cluster, selectable drive modes and ubiquitous safety tech. It also looks good on the outside, as its essentially a larger Civic. It doesn’t scream “I’m a hybrid!”, however. If it weren’t for the hybrid badges, some may struggle to tell it apart from an ordinary car.

See more about the Insight here.

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