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Aston Martin Franchise Coming to Bowling Green, OH


BOWLING GREEN, Ohio, April 1 2014. — The Thayer Family Dealerships are delighted to announce it will be bringing the iconic British sports car manufacturer, Aston Martin, to Bowling Green, Ohio in June 2015.

In the past decade, Mr. Thayer has added Ford, Nissan, and Honda franchises, so it comes as no surprise that a luxury brand would be the next natural addition to his dealership lineup. The Aston Martin showroom will be housed inside a completely renovated Woodland Mall, which will include a 0.495 mile test track. Upscale dealership amenities will include a cafe, business center, barber shop, spa, complimentary champagne for service customers, and a fax machine.

Robert London, General Manager of Thayer Family Dealerships, states, “The luxury car market is very, very strong now. If it was a pie, it would be a huge apple one with ice cream, and we want a piece of it. With around 3,000 students graduating from BGSU each year, there will be no shortage of people looking to upgrade their Corolla.”

When asked if Bowling Green could support a franchise where a Vanquish can sticker for $279,000, London simply responded with a shoulder shrug and said “Why not? It’s going be a great fit and we’re really excited about it. Who wouldn’t be? After all, my last name is London and these cars are British.”

Markus Kramer, Global Marketing Driector for Aston Martin, was shocked when he found out Aston Martin was considering a town like Bowling Green for its latest franchise. “I was skeptical that there would be a market for these ultra-high performance vehicles. However, after interviewing 100 BGSU freshmen, and asking what luxury brand they would like to drive after graduating, I was simply floored by the response. The reality is simple – these people overwhelmingly want to drive an Aston Martin.”

BGSU Market Study

Ohio customers looking to get into Aston Martin’s powerful lineup currently have to travel to either Dublin or North Olmstead. The addition of Thayer Aston Martin will give Northwest Ohio owners a closer alternative for sales and service, and Mr. London is convinced his new franchise will go the extra mile.

“We’re going to have a great showroom. Everything is going to be bright and shiny, and we will have Egyptian cotton hand towels in the restrooms. We want to make the dealership an experience you’ll never forget, and buyers will turn Bowling Green into a true destination for luxury. Woodland Mall tells us they are speaking to several luxury brands because of this choice.”

graph (1)

Woodland Mall is, in fact, in talks with several fancy retail brands. While they are not yet mentioning names, they did send us these logos…

clothing-logosAston Martin is also confirming that the addition of their frilly franchise will  boost the local economy, truly making Bowling Green a destination.

graph (2)London concluded the interview by saying, “I would also like to add that today is April 1st, 2014. Although it would be really cool to have an Aston Martin dealership with a test track inside the Woodland Mall… April Fools!”

ruby aston martin

Happy April Fools Day from Thayer Family Dealerships! 

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Meredith Soleau is a Sales Consultant at Thayer Chevrolet. Meredith was supposed to be a famous country music singer when she grew up, but her parents made her go to college and major in something “real”. Thank you, Meredith’s Parents. She is better at business than singing. Email her at meredith@thayerchevy.com.
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