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The 2015 Camry Is Just Better. Period.

The Toyota Camry has been the best selling vehicle in America for more than a decade, yet it has remained one of the dullest. We can all agree that maybe that was part of the appeal. It has been a very simple, reliable vehicle. Put the keys in, and go.

But times have changed, and we want more from our vehicles. We want a driving experience.

And you know what? Toyota agreed with us. They think driving a car should be far more exciting than taking a bus. They went on a mission to make the Camry sexier and more appealing.

2015-Toyota-Camry-1We would say they have outdone themselves.

The quieter interior, packed with more sound-absorbing materials, has been completely redone as well. Controls are more user-friendly and they’ve demanded higher-grade materials and developed even better in-car technology.

2015-toyota-camry-interior-driverThe seats place the driver nice and high, and feature classy contrasting stitching, and they’ve added a softer touch on the dash and door panels.


The touch-screen is larger at 7″ for the app-based EnTune infotainment systems on XSE and XLE V-6 models. And you also get wireless charging ports behind a door in the dashboard for compatible handheld devices.


The biggest changes involve retuning the Camry’s shocks and springs for increased responsiveness without killing the smooth ride quality for which the Camry is known. Toyota totally nailed it. The Camry drives better than ever now. 

2015-toyota-camry-wheel-redFrankly, the way we see it, any time you’re spending five figures on something, we think you should love whatever you are buying. 

You will love the new Camry.


Ford’s Inflatable Seat Belts

Did you know Ford offers an inflatable 2nd-row seat belt? They do!

Ford first introduced the inflatable safety belts in the backseat of 2011 Ford Explorer, and currently offers the feature on the Explorer, Flex, and Fusion, and the 2015 Ford F-150 pickup.

In the event of a crash, the inflatable mechanism deploys across the passenger’s chest, helping to distribute the force across a greater area than a traditional seat belt alone. If you’ve ever been in a bad accident, you know the impact of your body on the seat belt can be very painful. 

It operates and looks like a conventional seat belt in everyday use, and they are compatible with infant/child car seats and booster seats. In fact, the inflatable safety belt is even said to be more comfortable in everyday use.

ford inflatable seat belt

The inflatable belt spreads crash forces over five times more area of the body than a traditional seat belt. In a crash, an accordion-fold tubular bag inflates with cold compressed gas through a specially designed buckle from a cylinder located below the seat.

This video demonstrates how they expand in a crash situation:

Among all passenger vehicle occupants in crashes during 2007–2012, 12% were seated in back. Of that 12%, children younger than age 13 accounted for 56%, teenagers from 13 to 19 made up 19%, and adults were 21% of back-seat occupants. IIHS (Insurance Institute of Highway Safety) recommends that manufacturers develop advanced restraint systems tailored for the back seat, such as inflatable safety belts that are offered with Ford.

Ford’s inflatable seat belts are providing extra safety for our children and backseat passengers. We’re big fans of that.